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Smith House by F.M. Sterling, Sioux City, Iowa


Learn more about Sterling builders and Designers since the late 1800s:

Sterling Associates History

Sterling Associates Incorporated Architects, founded in 1980, is an architectural and interior design firm offering broad professional experience in a wide variety of building types, including institutional, educational and residential uses.


A unique feature of Sterling Associates is the direct personal involvement of the principals in all the projects. This assures our clients of the professional attention required for quality work. Our registered architects have provided the design and project management of over 2,000,000 square feet of construction in both new and renovated facilities.


Our clients tell us that we have a knack for getting a good read on what they would like right away. This is because we have a flexible approach to design that can accommodate a great variety of styles. We begin by providing perspective views of how the client's concept will look. After the first view, we offer suggestions to enhance and modify the design with an interactive, trial and error process that leads to a more detailed definition of the structure. This process defines how it will be built within budget while holding to the desired style.


The client's ideas will be shown in computer generated renderings of every room at the earliest stages of design. We have a very sophisticated computer rendering capability that makes revisions and alternative design studies very easy to do.

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