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Photograph by Andy Caulfield

Eastern Point Retreat House

On Saturday, November 12, 2016 The Jesuits re-dedicated Eastern Point Retreat House in Gloucester, MA, celebrating their re-opening with a new residential wing that was designed by Sterling Associates, Inc.. The new building pictured above has 38 private rooms with private baths and ocean views with outdoor decks on the water side. The building also contains five new spiritual direction rooms and three administrative offices.


Great care was taken to select new stone that matches the color and texture of the original 1921 mansion, bricks that match the original red slate roof color and window sizes that align with the original Gatsby Era design. It has become an important revitalized spiritual center for quiet reflection and meditation.

Thank you for all the ways you’ve enhanced every detail of our retreatants’ experience. You’ve been a tremendous gift and support over the last two years. With deep Gratitude,

Joanne Fantini

CSJA, Director

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After two years of renovation and rebuilding, the Eastern Point Retreat House, a Jesuit ministry in Gloucester, Mass., has reopened. Thanks to the USA Northeast Province and the director of the retreat house, Joanne Fantini, and the amazing architect, Bill Sterling, who is on retreat with us this weekend, the retreat wing is up and running--and it's amazing. If you remember the old house, the retreat wing was pretty pokey. (The original wing was built in 1958 for overnight retreat for high school boys, so it was pretty spare.) Now, it's glorious. I'll focus here on the new building, and post photos of the natural beauty tomorrow. But devotees of EPRH will be delighted, as I was, and if you want to come, come! AMDG.

James Martin, SJ

Editor, America Magazine

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